What's My Plan?

Every voter is entitled to know what a candidate stands for and to hold them to those ideals.

The Eight Pillars are the key issues that I will focus on during my first term.

Each week, I will release a new video on YouTube to outline my solutions, so stay tuned!

The Eight Pillars for Empowering America

Universal Healthcare

Every American has the right to health care, but many Americans simply can't afford it. Premiums continue to rise year after year, and Americans pay more than twice what other industrialized countries do - for less care. 

My administration is dedicated to providing copay-free Universal Healthcare for all Americans. Everyone will be eligible to join - regardless of income level or pre-existing conditions - and there will be no mandate. You may choose to participate, or you can keep your own private insurance.

Balanced Budget

The United States government continues to consistently spend beyond its means. In 2018, the deficit was $779 billion, leaving our national debt around $22 trillion. This simply isn't sustainable and, if we can't control our spending, the United States is headed for bankruptcy.


Due to this irresponsible fiscal spending by Congress, the United States needs a balanced budget amendment to curb the spending before our country falls off the fiscal cliff.

Flat Tax on Income

While the tax code itself is about 2,600 pages long, to fully understand our revenue model there are some 70,000 additional pages of regulations, rulings, and clarifications that accompany the tax code. It is impossible for any one individual to understand the tax code, which is why only businesses and wealthy individuals with armies of CPAs can exploit the loopholes and lower their tax burden.


This isn't fair.  A flat tax is needed now more than ever to simplify income collection for the government and to secure a long term solution against continued pressure for excessive marginal rates. Every American will pay their fair share - no deductions, no loopholes, no exploitation, no exceptions. 

Eliminate Business Tax

During his 1979 campaign announcement, Ronald Reagan said "Business is not a taxpayer. Only people pay taxes." Forty years later, this statement still holds true. Businesses pass all taxes and tariffs on to you, the consumer, resulting in a higher cost of goods, and lower wages for working Americans. On top of all that, taxing businesses generates very little tax revenue, relatively speaking, and also encourages companies to hide money off shore.

This is why business taxes will be eliminated for all US-owned and operated businesses. A new flat tax system, with no loopholes, levied against individual income will serve as the primary source of funding for the federal budget.

Tuition-Free College

Talent is distributed throughout America evenly and without prejudice; however, opportunity for higher education is not. Tuition costs continue to deter students from pursuing higher education, and subsequently their career growth and earning potential is reduced.

Higher education is necessary not only to bolster the shrinking middle class, but also as a vehicle for low income families to improve their financial and social position. Whether you want to go to college or to a technical school, my administration will provide tuition-free options, ensuring opportunity is available for all those with the drive to succeed.

Immigration Reform

The government currently estimates that more than 11 million illegal immigrants are living in the United States. Almost 8 million of those immigrants hold jobs illegally, and over half have been here for more than 10 years.

America is and always has been a country of immigrants, and needs to set firm immigration guidelines and enforce them. My 1 & 5 plan is simple and will provide a path for any immigrant to obtain citizenship, provided they are law abiding, can pass a background check, speak English, have the means to support  themselves, and have cleared a basic medical screening. My plan will hand down harsher penalties for those who enter the country illegally, expedite deportations, improve border security, and eliminate illegal employment.

Eliminate Subsidy Programs

All Americans capable of working should contribute to the economy and should not receive government handouts. My administration will eliminate all handout programs in favor of our America Works program, detailed below.


All Americans who are incapable of working and require support will be transitioned to the Social Security program. There will be no changes to the existing structure of Social Security. 

America Works Program

With the elimination of subsidy programs for capable workers, we will enact an employment program that will provide a job for every American who wants one. Minimum wage will be increased to $15.00 per hour throughout the US; this will ensure that everyone can earn enough to support their family. Child care services will also be provided to those in need.

What Else Do I Believe In?

Abortion Isn't Moral
I am opposed to abortion, except in cases of rape, instances of incest, cases where the baby isn't viable, and when the life of the mother is in imminent danger.


While I believe that we need to improve background checks, the Constitution clearly grants the right to keep and bear arms to every citizen. The continued cries for stricter gun control laws are senseless. By definition, criminals do not follow the law, and you cannot legislate their compliance with any gun control laws. 
The Second Amendment
Simple Legislation
Congress often creates laws that are exceedingly long and complex, and often passes them without fully reading them. This is irresponsible. All laws passed in Congress should be simple, limited to one topic, and unrelated amendments should be prohibited. 
Fiscal responsibility is fundamental to any successfully-run government. Government functions should be limited to areas where the government can collectively perform them better than an individual would be able to.
Fiscally Responsible Government
Strong Military
We need a strong military and must protect our interests abroad. I am committed to maintaining necessary funding levels for our military to ensure we remain the most formidable military power in the world.
While I support legal immigration, part of immigrating to a country is assimilating yourself into their culture, not trying to change the culture to reflect foreign needs. English should be the official language of the United States, and everyone who immigrates should know how to speak, read, and write in English. 
English as the Official Language
Term Limits for Congress
Washington is a swamp and continues to be filled with life-long politicians who have been bought and sold countless times. Members of Congress no longer support the views of their constituents, and are instead at the beck and call of special interest groups. Often, they spend the majority of their terms campaigning for the next, never bothering to do the job they were elected for. Term limits are needed to curb the influence of large donors and ensure fewer corrupt legislators fill the halls of Congress.
I believe in energy independence and the growing need for renewable energy; however, I do not support green deals that have no path to a successful implementation and no reasonable way to fund them. Additional research needs to be conducted to improve the efficiency of alternative energy and to pave the way for future adoption of such alternatives.


Responsible Energy Development

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